Waxing Poetic

The Beginning of Love Charm - Towards Truth - BR, SS


THE BEGINNING OF LOVE CHARM COLLECTION Honoring all who first taught us what it was to love, our Beginning of Love collection features five uniquely shaped brass charms with timeless sterling silver symbols and etched line details. The loyal friendship of a furry friend, the goodwill and altruism that faith inspires, the kind of generous affection that reveals the treasures in our own hearts and that affirms Love is the most rewarding thing we could ever aim for and achieve. THE BEGINNING OF LOVE- TOWARDS TRUTH CHARM Spectacular silver spokes of a compass wheel float in a rectangular brass sky. An ethereal landscape for a far-away voyage towards truth. On this path to sincere love, truth propels us to behold the bright side in others and the silver lining in any cloud—just as an impressed blazing sun and modeled silvery moon can be spotted peering out from behind etched cumulus puffs. 

Brass & Sterling Silver 


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