Waxing Poetic

Good Verbs Necklace - Hoping - GP, SS, Kristal Crystals - 18


A golden garland to grace your neck, our Good Verbs Necklaces are vitalizing mementos to live freely and deeply. Each pendant is suspended from a delicate 18K gold-plated sterling silver 16” chain with 2” extender. HOPING NECKLACE A graceful 18K gold-plated dove in mid-flight bears a shimmering Kristal Crystals heart. Like a bird’s trust in the wind to lift it high into the air, “Hoping”—that bright belief and optimism in our dreams, in goodness, in what is to come—is what makes our spirits soar. 

Gold Plated Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals 

16” + 2” 

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