Waxing Poetic

Good Verbs Necklace - Giving - GP, SS, Kristal Crystals - 18


A golden garland to grace your neck, our Good Verbs Necklaces are vitalizing mementos to live freely and deeply. Each pendant is suspended from a delicate 18K gold-plated sterling silver 16” chain with 2” extender. GIVING NECKLACE In the palm of a lifelike 18K gold-plated hand gleams a cheerful Kristal Crystals. A desire to help, the invitation of friendship, an impartation of blessing. “Giving” turns our attention outward: it is the bridge that connects us to others and the channel through which we release all the love & goodness inside our hearts. 

Gold Plated Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals 

16” + 2” 

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