Waxing Poetic

Good Verbs Bangle - Discovering - GP, SS, Kristal Crystals


Day-to-day inspiration for playfully present living, each bangle is hand-fashioned, inviting light to happily dance on its delicately hammered surface. 2.5” diameter with a simple hook closure. DISCOVERING BANGLE Rays of light are cast in 18K gold-plate, signifying the first sign of daylight and the last bit of light sinking out of sight, both calling attention to a horizon studded with a Kristal Crystals. There is nothing so rewarding as “Discovering” one’s self; moving beyond what we know or expect while relying on our courage and strength that have been forming all along.

  • Gold Plated Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals
  • 2.5” Diameter

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