María Bouvier

Guamirim Pant - Salmon

$95 $198

Certified 100% Organic Cotton

All Natural Dyes

From the designer:

" Uruguay, my dream came true and I launched my own sustainable women's fashion label, MARÍA BOUVIER, where we only use certified organic cotton, that I dye myself with natural stuff such as flowers, wood barks, spices, organic wastes, and then we work together with small local sewing studios to develop our pieces fairly while supporting our community. 

For me, the dyeing process is the soul and essence of our garments. I truly enjoy to experiment and to transform natural elements that surround us in my own colors. It’s incredible the number of different colors we can get from just one dye, it only takes to change the water PH with some lemon drops, modifying the dye bath temperature, varying the dyeing time or just the amount of dyestuff we use. I personally find the natural dyeing process magical. As a handcrafted technic is not perfect, but I believe that is exactly that what gives a unique value to each of our pieces, as there aren't two exactly alike."

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