Waxing Poetic

Beauty Hunter Jen Pastiloff Medallion - Sterling Silver, Brass & Kristal Crystals


"How do you find beauty when it seems like there is none, or you’re in pain, or the world is hard? You have to look really deeply, but it’s there. It’s about changing our minds about what’s beautiful.” - Jen Pastiloff, author On Being Human, and active "Beauty Hunter"

We were inspired by Jen’s practice of “Beauty Hunting” - the act of seeking beauty in a world that is sometimes not very forgiving. This medallion was designed to encourage us to set beauty as our target in the times in which there appear to be none – so that we may scope hidden treasure in every moment. There is always something deeper, something more beautiful to be found when we make the intention to notice it. 

Sterling Silver, Brass, Kristal Crystals 


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