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The Way of Wonder Book


Find your way to a life full of wonder, imagination, and possibility.  

In The Way of Wonder, co-founders of the inspiring Jewelry brand Waxing Poetic, Patti Pagliei and her partner John invite you on a journey full of wonder and vibrant living. With thoughtful poems, powerful sayings, and heartfelt essays and invitations, this beautifully illustrated book will lead you through a voyage of nows so that you live a more intentional life. Find more joy in the ordinary, learn to trust the universe, have the courage to seek beauty in darkness, and free yourself from the confines placed on you by your mind and the constructs of society.

Divided into four parts: The Invitation, Magical GatewaysExalted Encounters, and Ongoing Celebrations, this book serves as an invitation for you to discover wonder as a Way in your every day, to make meaningful connections and appreciate what each moment in this precious life can call us to experience. The chapters within each section touch on different concepts dealing with couragedoubt, joy, fear, trust, growth, love, and much more. Each chapter reveals the ways in which you can find wonder and how your life comes alive with possibility when you do.

By the end, we learn that within each sensing moment lies a profound opportunity to awaken again to the light of our lives, ourselves and our truth.
Accept the invitation to The Way of Wonder and let yourself uncover the rich and fulfilling life that awaits you.

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